The Cannonballs Cycling Team is a group of individuals from different facets of the community.  We are a group of people of different races, sizes, ages, and riding abilities.  The main thing we all have in common is the enjoyment of riding bicycles.  We ride for the fun of it and reap the rewards of exercise, friendly competition and camaraderie. 

Being Cannonballs means we make a commitment to better those who ride with us as well as ourselves. We discourage riding alone, as riding is best enjoyed when someone is with you to share in the fun. All of our planned rides are group rides, whether itís two or twenty; no one rides alone.  Riding on a frequent basis is highly encouraged, and therefore we plan three rides a week.

The Cannonballs Cycling Team was formed in 1993 by a small group of riders who wanted to start a team to participate in the MS 150 Ride to the Beach.  From there, the group has grown to include 50+ members.  We are mainly road bike riders, with a riding season extending from April through September.  From some of our riders, the MS 150 is their season finale.  The ATB (All Terrain Bike) riders enjoy off-road riding from October through March.

The Cannonballs Cycling Team is a close group. We enjoy the company of one another, and therefore we have planned social events throughout the year.  We also participate in and promote bicycling awareness through bicycling safety rodeos for children in the community.


Our Motto